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Jarbidge River, Idaho

Managing Agency:

Bureau of Land Management, Boise District

Designated Reach:

March 30, 2009. The Jarbidge River from its confluence with the West Fork of the Bruneau River to the upstream boundary of the Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness.


Wild — 28.8 miles; Total — 28.8 miles.

Jarbidge River


Idaho Wild & Scenic Rivers (Bureau of Land Management)

Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management

Jarbidge River

The Jarbidge River joins with the West Fork Bruneau River to form the Bruneau River about 24 miles north of the Nevada border, just upstream of Indian Hot Springs. The Jarbidge River provides challenging whitewater during the spring, with stretches reaching Class V and VI difficulty. This river lies within a canyon with steep walls and statuesque rock formations. Golden eagles are commonly seen, and chukars are abundant.