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Wild and Scenic Rivers – National Awards

Wild and Scenic Rivers – National Awards

The Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Council, in partnership with the River Management Society, annually recognize excellence in protecting our country's wild & scenic rivers. In that same spirit, the U.S. Forest Service also recognizes their own staff, volunteers and partners who contribute to the agency's misson of protecting these rivers.

North Fork of the Crooked River, Oregon

Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award

Nominations are now being taken for the Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award. Now retired, Jackie Diedrich was the U.S. Forest Service's Wild & Scenic Rivers Program Lead. Jackie worked—and continues to work—to improve management of the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System. The award recognizes a key individual in any of the four river-administering agencies that has shown outstanding leadership in going “above and beyond” to manage and protect wild and scenic rivers.

The nomination form is available via the linked PDF below. Nominations are due by April 15, 2019.

Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award Nomination Form

Frank Church Wild & Scenic Rivers Award

The Frank Church Wild & Scenic Rivers Award recognizes contributions focused on the management, enhancement, or protection of designated rivers. This award recognizes a history of contributions over a broad geographic scope (as opposed to more recent or project/location-specific accomplishments). Specifically, recipients:

Advance awareness of wild & scenic rivers through contributions in areas such as education, research, technology, training, public contact, interpretation, law enforcement, etc.;

Work effectively and cooperatively to build partnerships with other agencies, scientists, user groups, private landowners and/or the general public to promote, protect, enhance, or manage wild & scenic rivers;

Demonstrate, develop, or creatively adapt innovative river management techniques;

Organize conferences, training, etc., which involve and advance wild & scenic rivers;

Exhibit leadership in promoting and protecting wild & scenic rivers within the context of the established corridors and beyond designated lines on a map; and/or

Worked to improve managing agency process, budget, and/or support for wild and scenic river programs.

For other awards related to wild & scenic rivers, please visit the River Management Society's Awards Web Site.