The Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Council, in partnership with the River Management Society, annually recognize excellence in protecting our country's wild & scenic rivers. In that same spirit, the U.S. Forest Service also recognizes their own staff, volunteers and partners who contribute to the agency's misson of protecting these rivers.


Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award

Jackie worked—and continues to work—to improve management of the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System. The award recognizes a key individual in any of the four river-administering agencies that has shown outstanding leadership in going “above and beyond” to manage and protect wild and scenic rivers.

Past Winners
2018 – Cassie Thomas
2019 – Cathi Bailey
2020 – Helen Clough
2021 – Jennifer Back
2022 – Jim MacCartney


U.S. Forest Service Wild & Scenic Rivers Awards

The U.S. Forest Service annually honors employees, volunteers and organizations who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the protection and enhancement of rivers in the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System or to the study of rivers for their potential addition to the National System. The categories the USFS recognizes are:

  • Outstanding Wild & Scenic River Stewardship
  • Outstanding River Manager/River Ranger
  • Outstanding Support to the Wild & Scenic Rivers Program

Nominations will be accepted soon.


Other Awards

For other awards related to wild & scenic rivers, please visit the River Management Society's Awards Web Site.