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Jenny Creek, Oregon

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Managing Agency:

Bureau of Land Management

Designated Reach:

March 12, 2019. From the Bureau of Land Management boundary located at the north boundary of the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of T 38 S, R 4 E, Section 34, Willamette Meridian, downstream to the Oregon State border.


Scenic — 17.6 miles; Total — 17.6 miles.

Jenny Creek

Jenny Creek

Located inside and adjacent to the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument and the Soda Mountain Wilderness, Jenny Creek is located in southwestern Oregon and is a tributary to the Klamath River. Jenny Creek is located in an area of exceptionally high biodiversity, and its watershed represents the geographic intersection of the High Cascade, Cascade Foothills and Klamath Mountain ecoregions. Jenny Creek is also visited for a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, hiking and kayaking. The area has a rich cultural history and long traditions of human use. A section of of the historic Applegate Trail passing though the designated river corridor was added as part of the California National Historic Trail in 1992. The fishery and historic values were described by the BLM in its eligibility study dating back to the early 1990's.