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Lobster Creek, Oregon

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Managing Agency:

Bureau of Land Management

Designated Reach:

March 12, 2019. From T 15 S, R 8 W, Section 35, Willamette Meridian, downstream to the northern edge of the Bureau of Land Management boundary in T 15 S, R 8 W, Section 15, Willamette Meridian.


Recreational — 5.0 miles; Total — 5.0 miles.

Lobster Creek

Photo Credit: Jonas Parker, BLM

Lobster Creek

The five-mile designated segment of Lobster Creek flows generally south to north through the wooded foothills of Oregon's Coast Range. Its coldwater core habitat for native fishes and pristine water quality make it one of the region's top producers of wild coho salmon, wild winter steelhead, and wild fall Chinook salmon. In addition, the cold water contribution of Lobster Creek greatly benefits downstream water quality and users such as fish, wildlife, and recreators. The forested riparian areas surrounding the creek are largely Late Successional Reserves managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Lobster Creek receives a low level of dispersed recreational use.

Lobster Creek is southwest of the town of Alsea, Oregon, and can be accessed from Lobster Creek Road, which runs alongside the entire wild and scenic river segment.