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Roaring River (South Fork), Oregon

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Managing Agency:

U.S. Forest Service, Mt. Hood National Forest

Designated Reach:

March 30, 2009. From its headwaters to its confluence with Roaring River.


Wild — 4.6 miles; Total — 4.6 miles.

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Roaring River (South Fork)

The South Fork Roaring River originates in the Rock Lakes Basin in Roaring River Wilderness. The area is in the Cascade Mountain Range in northwest Oregon. The entire 4.6-mile segment of the South Fork Roaring River from its headwaters to its confluence with Roaring River is administered as a wild river. Its outstandingly remarkable value is wildlife.

The river flows through a narrow, deeply incised canyon which has large rock outcroppings and cliffs along portions of the canyon. Old-growth trees are predominant along the river, and the river itself flows over numerous cascades and through several pools. The corridor provides prime quality habitat for northern spotted owl. Owls are known to nest there. With almost no development in the area within and around the corridor, habitat quality is considered excellent.