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Spring Creek, Oregon

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Managing Agency:

Bureau of Land Management

Designated Reach:

March 12, 2019. From from its source at Shoat Springs downstream to the confluence with Jenny Creek.


Scenic — 1.1 miles; Total — 1.1 miles.

Spring Creek

Photo Credit: Stan Townsend, www.stownsendimages.com

Spring Creek

Spring Creek bubbles out of the ground from its source at Shoat Springs within the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and continues downstream for 1.1 miles to its confluence with Jenny Creek.

Adjacent to the Soda Mountain Wilderness, this area in southwest Oregon is a meeting place of a variety of climates, soils, and topography, resulting in an extremely diverse vegetation. Throughout the river corridor there are three major vegetative types—stands of mixed conifers and hardwoods; extensive dense, brushy areas; and open, grassy slopes.

The river corridor also provides one of the most unusual mosaics of wildlife habitat types found in southwestern Oregon, including spring, fall, and winter range for a large herd of migratory black-tailed deer and healthy populations of bear, coyotes, mountain lions, and bobcats.

The headwaters and upper reaches of Spring Creek are on private land. Visitors are encouraged to be respectful of adjacent private property owners.