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Housatonic River, Connecticut

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National Park Service

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November 11, 2016 (Section 2(a)(ii) Application by Governor Malloy). From the Massachusetts/Connecticut border downstream to Boardman Bridge in New Milford, Connecticut.


41.0 miles.

Housatonic River

Housatonic River

On November 11, 2016, Governor Malloy of Connecticut applied for designation of the Housatonic River under Section 2(a)(ii) of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. He requested that the river be managed and administered through the local Housatonic River Commission. The National Park Service is reviewing the proposed nomination to determine whether the river meets the requirements for eligibility and suitability. A draft of the NPS's findings in the form of an evaluation and environmental assessment will be published for public and agency comment.

The Housatonic River basin lies principally in western Connecticut and southwestern Massachusetts, with small sections extending into southeastern New York. This area is well known for its charming rural character, historical heritage and natural beauty, which is remarkable considering its proximity to the northeastern megalopolis. Based on the preliminary evidence of free-flowing river conditions and the presence of multiple natural, cultural and recreational resources with the potential to meet the "Outstandingly Remarkable Values" threshold as defined by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Housatonic River is being considered for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System as a state-administered river under Section 2(a)(ii) of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.