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Wasson Creek, Oregon

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Managing Agency:

Bureau of Land Management, Coos Bay District
U.S. Forest Service, Siuslaw National Forest

Designated Reach:

March 12, 2019. From the eastern boundary of T 21 S, R 9 W, Section 17, downstream to the eastern boundary of the northwest quarter of T 21 S, R 10 W, Section 22.


Wild — 10.1 miles; Total — 10.1 miles.

Wasson Creek

Photo Credit: Lisa Romano, USFS

Wasson Creek

Located in Oregon’s Coast Range, Wasson Creek flows through lush, densely vegetated old-growth temperate rainforest. The streambed contains sections that are sandstone bedrock with numerous ledges and waterfalls descending in a series of stair steps. The largest, Devils Staircase, is the namesake of the surrounding wilderness, also designated in 2019. Wasson Creek is at the heart of this undeveloped area, a unique, pristine setting with limited access and few signs of human activity. The 10.1-mile designation includes two segments, both classified as wild. The Bureau of Land Management manages the upper 4.2 miles, and the U.S. Forest Service manages the lower 5.9 miles. A 1990 eligibility study found outstandingly remarkable scenery, recreational, wildlife, and ecological values.