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Visitor Use on Wild & Scenic Rivers

Visitor Use on Wild & Scenic Rivers

Providing for a quality visitor experience, while at the same time protecting wild & scenic river values, is one of the most difficult of challenges facing a river manager.

Klamath River Visitor Use - Bob Wick
Visitor Use on the Klamath River, Oregon - Photo by Bob Wick

Visitor Use Management

This Resource Crosswalk distills resources for achieving essential components of a capacity identification and relationships to other Visitor Use Management (VUM) aspects of river management planning by:           
  • providing background about intent of the work of two interagency councils to address capacities;

  • clarifying the lexicon of key definitions surrounding capacities;

  • synthesizing existing information developed through interagency cooperation and vetted by DOI and DOA solicitors; and

  • demonstrating complimentary resources for phases of planning that represent recommendations and best practices for all federal land and water managing agencies, regardless of the setting or designation, or need for a capacity.

Wherever you visit, let the place you visit remember you well. — Mehmet Murat ildan



Addressing Visitor Use Management & Comprehensive River Management Planning Processes

ADDITIONAL RESOURCE:  Visitor Use Management on Federally Managed Lands and Waters (National Park Service)A position paper to guide policy by the Interagency Visitor Use Management Council.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCE:  Steps to Address User Capacities for Wild and Scenic RiversEvery river management plan is required to address user capacities. This paper explains how to determine those capacities.