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Fortymile River, Alaska

Managing Agency:

Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks District Office

Designated Reach:

December 2, 1980. The main stem within the state of Alaska, including O'Brien Creek, the South Fork, Napoleon Creek, Franklin Creek, Uhler Creek, the Walker Fork downstream from the confluence of Liberty Creek, Wade Creek, the Mosquito Fork downstream from the vicinity of Kechumstuk, the West Fork Dennison Fork downstream from the confluence of Logging Cabin Creek, the Dennison Fork downstream from the confluence of the West Fork Dennison Fork, Logging Cabin Creek, the North Fork, Hutchison Creek, Champion Creek, the Middle Fork downstream from the confluence of Joseph Creek, and Joseph Creek.


Wild — 179.0 miles; Scenic — 203.0 miles; Recreational — 10.0 miles; Total — 392.0 miles.

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Fortymile River

The Fortymile offers a great way to see the differing landscapes of the interior of Alaska, from incised canyons to the wide-open Yukon Valley. Rising in the Yukon-Tanana uplands, the Fortymile flows into the Yukon River, about a two day float. Several road accessible boat launch sites in the middle river, and bush strips in the upper reaches, allow trips varying from one day to two weeks. The Fortymile was the site of the first major gold strike in Alaska, and the history of the area is written in the cabins and mine workings along the stream.