Quartzville Creek


Quartzville Creek begins in the Cascade Mountain Range of Oregon. The 12-mile (19.3 km) section that was designated in 1988 flows into Green Peter Reservoir near the town of Sweethome. Classified as a recreational section of river, Quartzville Creek is named for the gemstone that has been mined in the area and a ghost town that was once the center of two brief gold mining efforts (1863-1892). The Quartzville Back Country Byway parallels the winding river, offering views of old-growth forests and wildlife, and provides easy access to developed and undeveloped picnic and camping sites.

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Designated Reach

October 28, 1988. From the Willamette National Forest boundary to the slack water of Green Peter Reservoir.

Outstandingly Remarkable Values


The corridor offers a variety of recreational opportunities, such as fishing, camping, and boating for skilled whitewater paddlers. Quartzville Creek offers a 'bucket list' experience for Class IV whitewater boaters (primarily kayaking) when flows are high. Recreational mining attracts visitors from within and outside of the region who can experience a part of Oregon's mining history as they pan for gold. Visitors can also camp and fish for small stream trout, as well.


Visitors to Quartzville Creek enjoy seeing a unique, colorful combination of old-growth stands, cascading whitewater, water clarity, rocky outcrops, and diverse vegetation of conifers and hardwoods. Much of the older forest along the byway is managed by the BLM and U.S. Forest Service to provide habitat for plant and animal species that rely on old-growth forest characteristics.


Recreational — 12 miles; Total — 12 miles.
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