River Documents

National Wild and Scenic River Documents Publications, records, and files associated with designation and management of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.
Document Publication date
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (JPG)
wsr-logo-bw.jpg430.31 KB
Pine River Management Plan
pine-plan.pdf7.12 MB
Feather River Management Plan
feather-plan.pdf2.51 MB
Section 7 Flowchart
section-7-flowchart.pdf206.21 KB
Imnaha River Bridge Replacement
imnaha-section7-determination.pdf5.68 MB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2018 Cassie Thomas
cassie_thomas_jd_award.pdf252.61 KB
Flathead River Management Plan
flathead-plan.pdf9.12 MB
Illinois River Study Report
illinois-study.pdf19.84 MB
Little Miami River Bank Stabilization Project
little-miamai-section14-study-erosion-project.pdf3.46 MB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2021 Jennifer Back
jennifer_back_jd_award.pdf143.89 KB
Cache la Poudre River Boundaries Description
cache-la-poudre-boundaries.pdf169.3 KB
Kern (North & South Forks) River Record of Decision
kern-nf-sf-rod.pdf2.03 MB
Wekiva River Study Report
wekiva-study.pdf11.69 MB
Merced Ea
merced-ea.pdf4.03 MB
Big Sur River Management Plan
big-sur-plan.pdf194.12 KB
Westfield Findings
westfield-findings.pdf410.46 KB
Salmon River (Idaho) Wilderness Management Plan Record of Decision
salmon-wilderness-plan.pdf6.41 MB
North Fork Sprague River Management Plan & Environmental Assessment
north-fork-sprague-plan-ea.pdf4.78 MB
Cossatot River Management Plan
cossotot-plan.pdf8.21 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (JPG)
wsr-logo.jpg838.77 KB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (AI)
wsr-logo-bw.ai1.59 MB
Sandy Plan
sandy-plan.pdf3.1 MB
Minam River Management Plan
minam-plan.pdf853.21 KB
Section 2(a)(ii) Federal Register Notices
2aii-federal-register-notices.pdf2.98 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (PNG)
wsr-logo-bw.png64.42 KB
Fossil Creek Plan Eis
fossil-creek-plan-eis.pdf10.77 MB
Klickitat River Management Plan, Washington
klickitat-plan.pdf4.42 MB
Fossil Creek Plan Rod
fossil-creek-plan-rod.pdf12.17 MB
Sturgeon River Bridge Replacement
sturgeon-section7-determination.pdf6.9 MB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2019 Cathi Bailey
cathi_bailey_jd_award.pdf131.9 KB
Kern (North & South Forks) River (USFS Segment) Management Plan
kern-plan.pdf6.74 MB
public-law-98-323.pdf60.61 KB
Imnaha River Bank Stabilization Project
imnaha-garnett-bank-stabilization-section7-determination.pdf5.27 MB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2022 Jim MacCartney
jim_maccartney_jd_award.pdf134.84 KB
Kern (North Fork) River Study Report
kern-nf-study.pdf6.18 MB
Middle Fork Clearwater River Management Plan
clearwater-plan.pdf913.66 KB
White River Management Plan
white-plan.pdf6.41 MB
Kubok Plan Original
kubok-plan-original.pdf17.78 MB
Aniakchak Plan Original
aniakchak-plan-original.pdf4.05 MB
Klamath River Study Report
klamath-study.pdf559.7 KB
John Day River Management Plan (John Day Basin RMP & ROD)
john-day-plan-rod.pdf25.93 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (AI)
wsr-logo.ai1.6 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (PNG)
wsr-logo.png70.35 KB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (EPS)
wsr-logo-bw.eps1.82 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (TIF)
wsr-logo-bw.tif1.26 MB
White Clay Creek Management Plan, Delaware & Pennsylvania
white-clay-creek-plan.pdf3.79 MB
Cache la Poudre River Study Report & Environmental Impact Statement
cache-study-eis_text.pdf16.28 MB
Big Darby Creek Bridge Replacement
county-road-36-section7-determination.pdf1.38 MB
Deschutes River Mills Bioengineering Project
mills-bioengineering-project.pdf2.74 MB
Skagit River Study Report
skagit-study.pdf4.58 MB