Is a comprehensive river management plan (CRMP) developed in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for a river designated by Congress?

Yes, a CRMP is developed in compliance with the NEPA. The purpose and need for the proposed action is to protect and enhance the values for which the river was designated (free-flowing condition, water quality, and outstandingly remarkable values), within its classification(s). The proposed action establishes appropriate goals, objectives, and/or desired conditions to meet those purposes. Alternative courses of actions are developed and analyzed relative to achieving overall goals and desired conditions within the wild and scenic river corridor. A “no action” alternative, representing the existing situation, is described as the basis for comparison of the action alternatives. Management direction and actions typically vary by alternative. The resultant CRMP describes the management direction (goals, objectives, desired conditions, allowable uses, and standards under which the activities can be conducted), and probable actions of the selected alternative at a programmatic level. Identified management actions generally require a site-specific NEPA analysis prior to implementation.

Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Council