What are the effects of wild and scenic river designation on future needs to develop or expand rights-of-way on federal lands in the river corridor?

Section 13(g) of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act allows the granting of easements and rights-of-way within the boundaries of designated components in accordance with applicable laws, provided that the conditions attached to the grant are consistent with the purposes of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act.

Any portion of a right-of-way project that includes federally assisted construction that may affect the river’s free-flowing condition—and is not automatically prohibited by the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act—is subject to an evaluation by the river-administering agency under Section 7(a). Those projects found to have an adverse effect on the values for which the river was added to the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System are typically prohibited through the authority of the proposing or assisting agency.

Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Council