What does the term suitability mean?

Suitability is an assessment of factors to provide the basis for determining whether to recommend a river for addition to the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System. Suitability is designed to answer these questions:

  1. Should the river’s free-flowing character, water quality, and outstandingly remarkable values (ORVs) be protected, or are one or more other uses important enough to warrant doing otherwise?

  2. Will the river’s free-flowing character, water quality, and ORVs be protected through designation? Is it the best method for protecting the river corridor?  In answering these questions, the benefits and impacts of WSR designation must be evaluated, and alternative protection methods considered.

  3. Is there a demonstrated commitment to protect the river by any non-federal entities who may be partially responsible for implementing protective management?
Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Council