What is the process to clarify the terminus of a wild and scenic river?

The need to clarify the terminus should be identified as a management concern/public issue during the planning process and considered in establishment of the initial boundary. The proposed clarification associated with establishment of initial boundaries must be undertaken with full public input and disclosure and is often completed during development of the comprehensive river management plan (CRMP).

In rare instances where the agency did not define the terminus to fit on-the-ground practicalities (e.g., a terminus described in legislation as “from the dam” included a dam and dam-related facilities), there may be a need to amend the boundary after it was submitted to Congress. This situation may be addressed during revision of the CRMP, or if there is a need to clarify the terminus outside of the CRMP planning process, the agency must comply with its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) procedures. Any boundary amendment must follow the procedures outlined in the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act—specifically, its availability be noticed in the Federal Register and forwarded to Congress for the requisite 90-day review period.

Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Council