Hurricane Creek


A tributary to Big Piney Creek, this stream flows through the Hurricane Creek Wilderness. There is one maintained trail within the area, the Ozark Highland Trail. The major portion of the use of the Hurricane Creek Wilderness comes from hikers on this trail. Current uses in the area include hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing and research related activities. Two outstandingly remarkable values were identified for Hurricane Creek, botany and scenery.  


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Designated Reach

April 22, 1992. From its origin to its confluence with Big Piney Creek.

Outstandingly Remarkable Values


Vegetation within the corridor is composed largely of upland hardwood species with some mixed hardwoods and shortleaf pine or predominant shortleaf pine, mainly in historic old fields that have succeeded to pine or been planted in the last 30-40 years. Typical hardwood species include red and white oaks, shagbark, mockernut and bitternut hickories, and black gum. Within riparian areas, better site conditions allow for the growth of other species, such as beech, basswood, sweetgum, river birch, sycamore, and hophornbeam. Such areas may exhibit lush understory characteristics with species such as witch hazel, spice bush, black cohosh, and paw paw present. It may also include herbaceous species such as columbine, Jacob’s ladder, larkspur, alumroot, and goldenseal.

Bristle-fern, which is listed as threatened by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, is located within the river corridor inside the Hurricane Creek Wilderness.


A clean, rocky, mountainous stream best describes Hurricane Creek. The most striking characteristics of the creek are the rocky substrate, steep gradient, and beautiful blue-green water. Other characteristics of note are the large number of riffles and low to moderate amount of stream canopy during the low-flow period. Topography within 1/4 mile on either side of Hurricane Creek and its side drainages is quite rugged and scenic. The stream is clear and exhibits interesting ripple-pool patterns meandering through richly diverse vegetation with dominant overstory of Beech in some reaches. 

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Scenic Wild
Scenic — 13.1 miles; Wild — 2.4 miles; Total — 15.5 miles.
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