North Sylamore Creek


North Sylamore Creek is located in Stone County in north-central Arkansas. It flows through the Blanchard Springs Recreation Complex, which provides camping, swimming and hiking, and includes the famous Blanchard Caverns. North Sylamore Creek is a very productive smallmouth bass fishery and supports a high diversity of fish species. Endangered species of bats utilize the stream corridor for foraging.

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Designated Reach

April 22, 1992. From the Clifty Canyon Botanical Area boundary to the confluence with the White River.

Outstandingly Remarkable Values


Several plant species listed as sensitive by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission are located along the stream corridor, with the largest concentrations being within the Clifty Canyon Special Interest Area just north of the river corridor, including the wood anemone, Ozark chinquapin, showy lady’s slipper, running strawberry-bush, rough hawkweed, golden seal, shining clubmoss, miterwort, sand phlox, ovate-leaved catchfly, Ozark spiderwort, dwarf filmy fern, white trillium, Ozark trillium, barren strawberry, Arkansas alumroot, and little-leaved alumroot.


North Sylamore Creek has exceptionally high productivity (pounds of biomass/acre) and supports a high diversity of fish species. It is a very productive smallmouth bass fishery.


Camping, swimming, and hiking are the primary forms of recreation. The Blanchard Springs Recreation Complex attracts many visitors to the creek area. The Barkshed Recreation Area and Gunner Pool Recreation Area also are popular recreation sites. The North Sylamore Hiking Trail parallels the creek from the Barkshed Recreation Area to the south boundary of the district near Allison.


Endangered species of bats utilize the stream corridor for foraging, including the gray bat and Indiana bat. Other rare or sensitive species include bald eagle and least brook lamprey.

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