Yellow Dog River


The Yellow Dog River drops sharply through numerous outcrops and cascades within the McCormick Wilderness. Vegetation consists of large eastern white pine, eastern hemlock, sugar maple, northern red oak, and other old-growth northern hardwood species.  

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Designated Reach

March 3, 1992. From its origin at the outlet of Bulldog Lake Dam to the boundary of the Ottawa National Forest.

Outstandingly Remarkable Values


The remote area, surrounding hills, areas of bluffs and escarpments, high concentrations of falls, cascades, and rapids, along with exposures of gneiss bedrock, make this river unique and unusual compared to other rivers on the Ottawa Forest.


Located in the McCormick Wilderness, the river segment meanders through narrow meadows and marshes. The river eventually drops 240 feet through numerous rock outcrops, cascades, and waterfalls. 


Moose and spruce grouse are present within the area. These two species are rare or absent across the rest of the Ottawa Forest.

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Wild — 4 miles; Total — 4 miles.
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