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Alagnak River, Alaska

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Managing Agency:

National Park Service, Katmai National Park and Preserve
Post Office Box 7
King Salmon, Alaska 99613

Designated Reach:

December 2, 1980. From Kukaklek Lake to the west boundary of T13S, R43W and the entire Nonvianuk River.


Wild — 67.0 miles; Total — 67.0 miles.

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Alagnak River

The Alagnak River, originating in Katmai National Preserve's Kukaklek Lake, has abundant wildlife, including brown bear, moose, beaver, river otter, bald eagle and osprey. Visitors enjoy the fishing along this clear, braided river, as well as the striking changes in landscape, large undeveloped lakes, boreal forest, wet sedge tundra, shrubby islands and Class I-III rapids.