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Bautista Creek, California

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Managing Agency:

U.S. Forest Service, San Bernardino National Forest

Designated Reach:

March 30, 2009. From the San Bernardino National Forest boundary in Section 36, Township 6 South, Range 2 East to the San Bernardino National Forest boundary in Section 2, Township 6 South, Range 1 East.


Recreational — 9.8 miles; Total — 9.8 miles.

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Bautista Creek

Bautista Creek drains the San Jacinto Mountains and provides an important migration corridor for birds passing from the desert to the valley. The creek and its surrounding riparian area shelter endangered arroyo toads, southwestern willow flycatchers, Quino checkerspot butterfly, the slender-horned spineflower and many other sensitive species. It contains the largest number of endangered wildlife species on the San Bernardino National Forest.

Famed explorer Juan Bautista de Anza followed the route through what is now Bautista Canyon Road to reach San Francisco, and this is a designated part of a National Historic Trail.