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Big and Little Darby Creeks, Ohio

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Managing Agency:

National Park Service, Midwest Regional Office
Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Natural Areas and Preserves

Designated Reach:

March 10, 1994. Upper Darby Creek from the Champaign-Union County line to the Conrail railroad trestle (0.9 miles upstream of U.S. 40). Lower Darby Creek from the confluence with Little Darby Creek near Georgesville to the Scioto River. Little Darby Creek from the Lafayette-Plain City Road Bridge to 0.8 miles upstream from the confluence with Big Darby Creek.


Scenic — 85.9 miles; Total — 85.9 miles.

Big Darby Creek


Big & Little Darby Creeks (Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

Photo Credit: Anthony Sasson

Big & Little Darby Creeks

Big and Little Darby Creeks are located in the corn belt region of Ohio within an easy drive of Columbus. They are among the top streams in biological quality in Ohio and the Midwest. There are over 100 recorded fish and 44 mussel species, including 37 species of fish and mussels that are endangered or otherwise rare. Several other fish species found in the streams are declining in numbers throughout Ohio.

Water quality is excellent, with the creeks being classified as "Exceptional Warmwater Habitat" by the state of Ohio under the Clean Water Act and as "Outstanding State Waters," the highest level of protection under the state's anti-degradation policy.

Big and Little Darby Creeks have been designated a "Last Great Place" by The Nature Conservancy.