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Carp River, Michigan

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Managing Agency:

U.S. Forest Service, Hiawatha National Forest

Designated Reach:

March 3, 1992. From the west section line of section 30, T43N, R5W to Lake Huron.


Wild — 12.4 miles; Scenic — 9.3 miles; Recreational — 6.1 miles; Total — 27.8 miles.

Carp River

Photo Credit: Patty VerWiebe, U.S. Forest Service

Carp River

The Carp River, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, flows through predominantly forested lands with little development along its way. Spring's high water provides for canoeing and offers steelhead fishing and dipping for smelt near the river's mouth. Summer is the time for brook or brown trout, and fall brings salmon fishing. The Carp is known for its outstanding recreation, wildlife, geologic, ecological, fisheries and heritage resource values. The river flows through the Mackinac Wilderness Area.