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Little Deschutes River, Oregon

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Managing Agency:

U.S. Forest Service, Deschutes National Forest

Designated Reach:

October 28, 1988. From its source in the northwest 1/4 of Section 15, T26S, R6E, to the north section line of Section 12, T26S, R7E.


Recreational — 12.0 miles; Total — 12.0 miles.

Little Deschutes River


Little Deschutes River Management Plan (110 KB PDF)

Photo Credit: Tim Palmer

Little Deschutes River

The Little Deschutes River offers outstandingly remarkable geology, scenery and vegetation values. It flows through a classic glacial canyon with moraines and an outwash plain. The interaction of present-day erosional processes with the pumice and ash deposited during Mt. Mazama's eruption 6,800 years ago provides an opportunity for geomorphic study. The river is also noted for its scenic variety and vegetative character.