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Malheur River (North Fork), Oregon

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Managing Agency:

U.S. Forest Service, Malheur National Forest

Designated Reach:

October 28, 1988. From its headwaters to the Malheur National Forest boundary.


Scenic — 25.5 miles; Total — 25.5 miles.

North Fork Malhuer River


Malheur River (U.S. Forest Service)

Photo Credit: Tim Palmer

Malheur River (North Fork)

The river corridor is generally characterized by a broad valley carved by glacial activity in the upstream northern half and by a rugged and steep canyon ranging from about 250- to 750-feet deep in the south. The canyon geology is evident in the various rock outcrops, talus slopes and cliffs that contribute significantly to the scenic diversity of the landscape.

Evidence of human presence is moderate in the northern half and very limited in the southern half. Wildlife habitat is extremely diverse and of exceptionally high quality because of these undisturbed conditions. The river corridor also provides important connectivity between the Blue Mountains and Great Basin physiographic provinces. Camping, fishing, hiking and hunting are popular. The river is an important producer of native fish, and it has a significant recreational trout fishery.