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Missouri River, Nebraska, South Dakota

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Managing Agency:

National Park Service, Missouri National Recreational River

Designated Reach:

November 10, 1978, and May 24, 1991. From Gavins Point Dam, South Dakota, downstream to Ponca State Park, Nebraska. From Fort Randall Dam to Lewis and Clark Lake.


November 10, 1978: Recreational — 59.0 miles; Total — 59.0 miles. May 24, 1991: Recreational — 39.0 miles; Total — 39.0 miles. Aggregate Totals: Recreational — 98.0 miles; Total — 98.0 miles.

Missouri River

Missouri River (Nebraska and South Dakota)

This designation consists of two separate segments—from the Fort Randall Dam downstream to the backwaters of Lewis and Clark Lake and from Gavins Point Dam downstream to Ponca State Park. These are among the last free-flowing segments of the once "Mighty Mo" and still exhibit the river's dynamic character in its islands, bars, chutes and snags.