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Molalla River, Oregon

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Managing Agency:

Bureau of Land Management, Northwest Oregon District

Designated Reach:

March 12, 2019. From the southern boundary line of T 7 S, R 4 E, Section 19, downstream to the edge of the Bureau of Land Management boundary in T 6 S, R 3 E, Section 7. The Table Rock Fork of the Molalla River from the easternmost Bureau of Land Management boundary line in the NE 1/4 Section 4, T 7 S, R 4 E downstream to the confluence with the Molalla River.


Recreational — 21.3 miles; Total — 21.3 miles.

Molalla River

Photo Credit: Bob Wick, BLM

Molalla River

The Molalla River Recreation Area provides riparian habitat for species unique to the lower west slope of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. The area is home to many terrestrial and aquatic species and provides habitat for a number of threatened fish and bird species. Riparian habitats adjacent to rivers and streams offer particularly high-quality habitat for numerous species and allow for wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Molalla River Trail System is an extensive network of more than 20 miles of trails for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. The system combines both single track trails and old forest roads. The trails wind through the forested foothills and slopes of the Molalla River Valley, occasionally offering scenic glimpses of the forests and mountains of the Cascade Range. The system offers a variety of difficulty levels for a wide range of mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding enthusiasts. Trails are generally marked with directional signs and levels of difficulty. The best equestrian access to the trail system is from Hardy Creek or Annie’s Cabin Trailheads where there is ample parking for horse trailers. Mountain bikers and hikers may prefer to access the trail system via Amanda’s, Americorp, and Sandquist’s Trailheads.