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New River (South Fork), North Carolina

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New River State Park

Designated Reach:

April 13, 1976. The South Fork from its confluence with Dog Creek downstream 22 miles to the confluence with the North Fork. The main stem from the confluence of the North and South Forks with Dog Creek downstream approximately 4.5 miles to the Virginia state line.


Scenic — 26.5 miles; Total — 26.5 miles.

New River


New River State Park

Photo Credit: American Rivers

New River (South Fork)

Rugged hillsides, pastoral meadows and bucolic farmlands surround the oldest river in North America. The river's waters are slow and placid; its banks are fertile and covered with wildflowers. Fishing is good. Narrow and winding mountain roads dotted with small farms, churches and country stores give an old-fashioned charm. New River State Park provides access and spots for camping, canoeing, picnicking and fishing.