Lobster Creek


Located southwest of the Oregon town of Alsea, the meandering Lobster Creek flows through the rolling foothills and riparian meadows of the Oregon Coast Range. This creek provides essential coldwater habitat for a variety of native fishes, and its pristine water quality contributes to making Lobster Creek one of the region’s top producers of salmonids. The coldwater contribution of Lobster Creek also significantly benefits downstream water quality in the Alsea River. Upland and riparian forests bordering the creek are designated as late successional reserves and are managed to sustain the mature and old-age forest stand conditions also found in the area.

Paralleling the creek, Lobster Creek Road provides ready access for visitors to the forested stream valley. Lobster Creek and its surrounding area are generally lightly traveled, and this creek offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy a quiet, meandering stream, seemingly a world away from the rush and bustle of modern society.

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Designated Reach

March 12, 2019. The approximately 5-mile segment from T 15 S, R 8 W, Section 35, Willamette Meridian, downstream to the northern edge of the Bureau of Land Management boundary in T 15 S, R 8 W, Section 15.

Outstandingly Remarkable Values

Preliminary Finding


Lobster Creek supports a diverse cohort of species, including resident cutthroat trout and anadromous Pacific lamprey. Its exceptional fisheries make it a regionally important producer of wild fall chinook salmon, fall coho salmon, and winter steelhead.


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Recreational — 5 miles; Total — 5 miles.
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