Saline Bayou


The Saline Bayou National Scenic River corridor is located west of Louisiana Highway 1233. The northern boundary is just north of Louisiana Highway 126, and its southern boundary is Saline Lake. The river supports a variety of recreational uses that include canoeing, boating, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and photography. There are various woods roads and highway entry points to the bayou where a visitor can launch a canoe, camp, fish, or take a hike within this beautiful southern ecosystem. It is a peaceful setting, where bald cypress and other hardwoods growing along the banks are often reflected in the bayou’s quiet water. Saline Bayou is treasured for its beautiful scenery and many scenic photos have been taken along this beautiful river.

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Designated Reach

October 30, 1986. From Saline Lake upstream to the Kisatchie National Forest.

Outstandingly Remarkable Values


There are five boat launch sites, Cloud Crossing Campground, a picnic pavilion (Cloud Crossing), and the Saline Bayou Trail (hiking) associated with the river.  Canoeing and boating challenges and natural hazards, such as flooding, depend on the water conditions and time of year. Check with the Winn Ranger District for river condition updates prior to visits.


This meandering bayou supports a wide and diverse variety of wildlife and plant species and offers a rare opportunity to experience a range of ecosystems, ranging from upland pine forest to cypress tupelo swamps. A visitor should watch for wood ducks, pileated woodpeckers, otters, and many other wildlife species.

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Scenic — 19 miles; Total — 19 miles.
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