River Documents

National Wild and Scenic River Documents Publications, records, and files associated with designation and management of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.
Document Publication date
Missouri River Environmental Statement
missouri-study-environmental-statement.pdf6.52 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (EPS)
wsr-logo.eps1.82 MB
Wolf River Classification
wolf-classification.pdf1.18 MB
Test Document for PDF thumbnail
thepickler.com_-_the_pickleball_mental_edge.pdf213.02 KB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (TIF)
wsr-logo.tif5.39 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (JPG)
wsr-logo-bw.jpg430.31 KB
Pine River Management Plan
pine-plan.pdf7.12 MB
Feather River Management Plan
feather-plan.pdf2.51 MB
Section 7 Flowchart
section-7-flowchart.pdf206.21 KB
Imnaha River Bridge Replacement
imnaha-section7-determination.pdf5.68 MB
Flathead River Management Plan
flathead-plan.pdf9.12 MB
Illinois River Study Report
illinois-study.pdf19.84 MB
Little Miami River Bank Stabilization Project
little-miamai-section14-study-erosion-project.pdf3.46 MB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2018 Cassie Thomas
cassie_thomas_jd_award.pdf252.61 KB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2021 Jennifer Back
jennifer_back_jd_award.pdf143.89 KB
Cache la Poudre River Boundaries Description
cache-la-poudre-boundaries.pdf169.3 KB
Kern (North & South Forks) River Record of Decision
kern-nf-sf-rod.pdf2.03 MB
Merced Ea
merced-ea.pdf4.03 MB
Big Sur River Management Plan
big-sur-plan.pdf194.12 KB
Wekiva River Study Report
wekiva-study.pdf11.69 MB
North Umpqua Hydropower Project Section 7 Determination on License Application
north-umpqua-section7-application-determination.pdf3.18 MB
Westfield Findings
westfield-findings.pdf410.46 KB
Salmon River (Idaho) Wilderness Management Plan Record of Decision
salmon-wilderness-plan.pdf6.41 MB
North Fork Sprague River Management Plan & Environmental Assessment
north-fork-sprague-plan-ea.pdf4.78 MB
Cossatot River Management Plan
cossotot-plan.pdf8.21 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (JPG)
wsr-logo.jpg838.77 KB
Sandy Plan
sandy-plan.pdf3.1 MB
Minam River Management Plan
minam-plan.pdf853.21 KB
Section 2(a)(ii) Federal Register Notices
2aii-federal-register-notices.pdf2.98 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (AI)
wsr-logo-bw.ai1.59 MB
Fossil Creek Plan Eis
fossil-creek-plan-eis.pdf10.77 MB
Klickitat River Management Plan, Washington
klickitat-plan.pdf4.42 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - B&W (PNG)
wsr-logo-bw.png64.42 KB
Fossil Creek Plan Rod
fossil-creek-plan-rod.pdf12.17 MB
Sturgeon River Bridge Replacement
sturgeon-section7-determination.pdf6.9 MB
Kern (North & South Forks) River (USFS Segment) Management Plan
kern-plan.pdf6.74 MB
public-law-98-323.pdf60.61 KB
Imnaha River Bank Stabilization Project
imnaha-garnett-bank-stabilization-section7-determination.pdf5.27 MB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2019 Cathi Bailey
cathi_bailey_jd_award.pdf131.9 KB
Kern (North Fork) River Study Report
kern-nf-study.pdf6.18 MB
Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award — 2022 Jim MacCartney
jim_maccartney_jd_award.pdf134.84 KB
White River Management Plan
white-plan.pdf6.41 MB
Kubok Plan Original
kubok-plan-original.pdf17.78 MB
Middle Fork Clearwater River Management Plan
clearwater-plan.pdf913.66 KB
Aniakchak Plan Original
aniakchak-plan-original.pdf4.05 MB
Klamath River Study Report
klamath-study.pdf559.7 KB
North Umpqua Hydropower Project Section 7 Determination on Draft EIS
north-umpqua-section7-deis-determination.pdf633.8 KB
John Day River Management Plan (John Day Basin RMP & ROD)
john-day-plan-rod.pdf25.93 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (AI)
wsr-logo.ai1.6 MB
Wild & Scenic River Logo - Color (PNG)
wsr-logo.png70.35 KB