The River Wild

The River Wild was filmed on several rivers — the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Rogue River just outside the town of Medford, Oregon; and the Middle Fork of the Flathead River in Montana all had some footage shot. However, the big rafting action scenes took place on Montana’s Kootenai River. Permission to film in this region was granted for the very first time by the Kootenai Indians who hold this ground to be sacred. There was one caveat to the film crew receiving permission to film here: the actual location where shooting took place was never to be disclosed to the public.

Hang on tight for a suspense-filled action-thriller starring Oscar-winner Meryl Streep in a stunning performance that will take your breath away! Streep portrays a former river guide who arranges a white-water rafting trip to celebrate her son's birthday and salvage her shaky marriage. Her skills and courage are soon put to the test when three mysterious strangers threaten to turn their vacation into a living hell. Also starring Kevin Bacon and David Strathairn, this "pulse-pounding thrill ride" (Rolling Stone Magazine) explodes with action, suspense and unforgettable storytelling from the director of L.A. Confidential.

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