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Lamprey River, New Hampshire

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Managing Agency:

National Park Service, Northeast Regional Office

Designated Reach:

November 12, 1996, and May 2, 2000. The segment from the Bunker Pond Dam in the town of Epping to the confluence with the Piscassic River in the vicinity of the Durham-Newmarket town line.


November 12, 1996: Recreational — 11.5 miles; Total — 11.5 miles. May 2, 2000: Recreational — 12.0 miles; Total — 12.0 miles. Total — 23.5 miles.

Lamprey River

Lamprey River

From the Bunker Pond Dam to the confluence with the Piscassic River, the Lamprey River's shoreline, natural floodplain, and wetlands provide a range of wildlife habitats. Currently, the Lamprey has the largest quantity of anadromous fish in the Great Bay watershed,and it hosts substantial numbers of freshwater mussel species. The river's resources include archaeological sites of prehistoric and nineteenth century culture, which are representative of the early settlement of New Hampshire's seacoast region. It is managed through a local-state-federal partnership, the Lamprey River Advisory Committee.