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Palm Canyon Creek, California

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Managing Agency:

U.S. Forest Service, San Bernardino National Forest

Designated Reach:

March 30, 2009. From the southern boundary of Section 6, Township 7 South, Range 5 East to the San Bernardino National Forest boundary in Section 1, Township 6 South, Range 4 East.


Wild — 8.1 miles; Total — 8.1 miles.

Palm Canyon Creek

Palm Canyon Creek

Palm Canyon Creek’s outstanding remarkable values include spectacular scenery of deep, rugged, rocky canyons and thick riparian vegetation. The waters of Palm Canyon Creek within the federally designated wild and scenic river area feed and sustain the nation's largest fan palm oasis, found two miles downstream on the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation. It is free of impoundments, is only accessible by trail and is in a primitive watershed with unpolluted waters. The varied and unspoiled terrain also provides a home for the endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep, the southwestern willow flycatcher and many sensitive songbirds.

The creek is located in the heart of historic Cahuilla territory and has been a resource for Native Americas for over two millennia. Palm Canyon holds special significance to the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, the original inhabitants of the area, who continue to care for and protect Palm Canyon. The waters of Palm Canyon Creek have sustained these Native American people agriculturally, economically, culturally and spiritually during the entirety of this long period, as they still do today.